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Wholey shet

I just slept for 15 hours….


What day is it?

A few more DAYSSSS… A few more days before i am FREEEEEE….

ah, no, not right now. just... I want to talk to you, keep in touch. you know what I mean \(^-^")

o-oh i see owo;;

so yeah this is an explanation…

What if Medusa's hair grow numerous because the snakes in her hair lay eggs in her head like lice and then grow from the brain and through the scalp? What if Medusa feeds the snakes in her hair? do they grow fat that Medusa has a hard time moving? If the Medusa's snakes shed skin does it counts as dandruff?


Would you mind if I leave you message so we can somehow meet up or see each other? I really wanna meet the mod of one of my fave blogs

Ah, right now? I am not sure if i can i still have finals and i have work to do though. I am sorry ;w;

How did you come up with the idea to use historical and mythological figures as your sin and virtue incarnations?

Hahahaha, the thing is this story’s original novel based concept of the seven sins  was when i was 13 years old. and the truth is they are not actually historical and mythological figures at the first place. There was also no virtues or psychomachia too. the idea came up when I tried making this blog for a friend on mine because she suggested me to make a blog based on my characters because she likes the story summarization of my novel. Catherine is the main character and also but the whole purgatory thing is there but i guess the whole blog concept was able to form when i want a certain spark that could catch the interest of others, something like it could catch the curiosity of the readers.

the novel based sins and the blog based sins are slighty different in terms of looks and personality too!
like jack, medu, midas and erze.

Where do you find all of these gifs?

Like I said, every post i see in tumblr ever since 3 years ago till now, i save the good gifs~!

Im shy too, dont worry. We can be shy together :D


sdsdfasdfasdf! ok!